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I Unplugged; Where I went & Why.

Earlier this month I took to Instagram and Facebook to announce I was going on Hiatus! I had no idea how long I was going to be absent from social media and I also had no idea what all "unplugging" would include at the time. It started with logging out and uninstalling my social media apps and it eventually led me to this very spot writing this very post just two weeks later.

It's December 15th and I am so excited to share all that I have been up to!

I left my social media platforms behind when I found myself just completely overwhelmed not only with the current projects I had been working on but also with all that I had recently been inspired to pursue. I realized that for the first time, my goals and dreams finally made sense, or at least... for the first time in my life I had found myself in this space where I felt so confident about where I was at, I could finally formulate a plan to work towards all that I aspire to create.

It was probably the "best" way to become overwhelmed, to be honest. I was overwhelmed, but I knew I just needed to make some lifestyle adjustments to be able to prioritize my time properly. I love social media and I love that I follow a lot of people/accounts that truly inspire me. The downside of this fascination is that I am truly an introverted soul, I have to stay mindful of overstimulating my senses, and really, I have to be mindful of the time spent scrolling!

I have spent the last few weeks figuring out what balance feels like given my recently updated list of priorities. I have been working on wrapping up my current studies to better prepare for upcoming classes and I even earned another certification in the process. (Yea... I feel really good about that one!) I have been spending time outside with my babies and have even mapped out my goal plan for the next six months.

Although I am no longer on hiatus, I still feel a bit unplugged. I have redownloaded my social media apps and while I do open them from time to time, it is not nearly as often as I used to. In fact, I feel way less connected to the people I used to closely follow on social media. I feel less connected in one of the healthiest ways for me personally as I do value my alone time, and when I am not alone, the people I am connected to are people that truly bring me a lot of joy and peace.

It has felt so good to truly embrace this adjustment.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I really enjoyed connecting with you through this platform and I hope to see you again real soon... but not too soon... if you catch my drift.

Lots of Love,


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