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Healing & Self Discovery Practices

with Shamanic Life Coach & Certified Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Nicole Fine

Meet Rebecca

Mother, Student, Teacher, Creator.

Rebecca is a firm believer in the idea that we are all students for as long as we are alive, we just have to open ourselves up to all the gifts of wisdom around us.

She has spent her life challenging traditional norms in order to open up more conversations around topics otherwise labeled as taboo such as Mental Health, Non-Monogamous Relationships, and Spirituality. 

Rebecca currently resides in Tokyo, Japan with her two children and spouse where she spent time studying to become a Certified Yoga Instructor and Shamanic Life Coach. She is continually pursuing further education as she is passionate in her pursuit of providing services to others that may offer healing and care. 

She currently offers private Yin Yoga Classes Online and Personal Tarot Readings but is continuing her work in cultivating a wellness program projected to become available sometime in 2021. 


What I Specialize In

Yin Yoga


Tarot Readings 

Let's Practice Gentleness and Stillness


"She's very inclusive, down to earth, and radiates light and love, even through video." "The class is very peaceful and brings about a lot of mindfulness. A relaxing mind/body experience. 11/10 would recommend. A++"

- Brittany Sperriko

"Doing Yin Yoga with Becca has not only helped me physically but also mentally. She really helps work with me with my one-on-one needs. Her integration of the affirmation cards is a great addition that helps you mentally work through the stillness of the Yin practice. If you’re new to yin style yoga I highly recommend Becca because she has the patience, knowledge, and empathy to work with your skill level."

- Jolene Gracialatorre

The Journey to Self Discovery pushes you outside your comfort zone and challenges you to expand and grow. Are you ready? Let's Grow Together. 

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